Expand sales by introducing sales tools!

A sales tool means "a necessary tool in sales activities.

In sales activities, it is the salesperson's explanation that conveys the company's services and products https://slimtime.co.jp/ . However, there are various processes to reach the explanation, such as approaching the customer and adjusting the schedule for the business meeting.

Even after the business meeting, there are many other processes such as follow-up to the contract.

Since many salespeople are working for multiple companies at the same time, they may feel overwhelmed by the task of managing progress and following up.

This is where the introduction of sales tools becomes necessary. The following issues can be solved by introducing sales tools.

Difficulty in approaching potential customers in remote areas or overseas

Managing sales activities to multiple companies at the same time

Lack of balance between cost and effectiveness.

We will introduce sales tools that solve the above problems.

Online negotiation tools

Online negotiation tools are tools for conducting sales and business negotiations online. It is a tool to have the first contact with customers, so it should be given priority over other tools.

MA tools

MA stands for Marketing Automation, and it is a tool that supports your marketing activities until you acquire potential customers.

SFA tools

In the MA stage, you can manage the names of companies and people who have made inquiries, share the contents of business negotiations within the team, and manage the entire picture of business negotiations, which can be used by managers to give advice.

CRM tool

Post-contract follow-up is CRM (Customer Relationship Management). This tool is used to follow up with customers after they have signed a contract, to support them in using the service for a long time with peace of mind and to encourage repeat purchases.

Use the above sales tools well to increase your sales.

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